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be a good thing, and who would, therefore, en- courage any institution to merge itself in a larger or more showy one levitra. They have faith in the competitive principle for examinations, but no faith in competition among schools of medicine. What has been lost to science by the separation of Guy\'s and St. Thomas\'s ? Has not the gain infinitely exceeded the loss ? and so we may fairly conclude that anialganiation is not to be de- sired. It would, moreover, be attended with many diffi- culties. Why should one set of men proclaim the worth- lessness of their own instruction, or rather their inability to maintain their school in the efficient condition in levitra which it was bequeathed to them ? Of course if it were shown that the staff at. any school had become effete, if it were clear they could not impart knowledge to students, that their pupils had little chance of passing their examinations, and less of becoming good practitioners, it would be right and proper for them to give up the attempt, and we should commend their so doing. But no such facts are forthcoming, and no plea for aujalgama- tion exists save the longing for big hospitals and big schools, which is doing so much mischief. Scarpa found an hospital with fifteen beds large enough to occupy him, and his teaching was such as few will gainsay. Let not the mere vanity of those connected with large institu- tions incite others to hunger after similar appointments. A little work well done is more durable than a mass of routine duty. Small ho.?pitals well buy levitra administered may yet become the popular model. It will be well fur doc- tors and jiatients when they do.